Here’s to Us.


To the girl who is never allowed to play the game she loves, the mother who is shamed because her husband left her, the teenagers who hate their body because it is not glorified in the media or is viewed as a double standard, the female with a passion so deep the ocean moves with her creativity, the ones that survived the beating given to them daily by the ones they thought loved them, the ones that stood up and helped in the worst of situations, the ones that could not but wanted to, to short females, to tall females, to round women, curvy women, to women that come to a fine point like a sharpie, to the women that wear makeup, to those that don’t, to the ladies that don’t know their worth, to the ones that do, to the females that like the same body outline, to the ones that don’t, to the ones that fall in love with souls and not what is on the outside, to the women that have fought daily to live and live the way they choose:

Happy International Women’s Day.
It is such a battering experience having to wake up every day and be who you are–who we are. Each day we find our boulder and, with each movement we try to make it up the hill. Even with all the things falling down on us, we continue to push. We push for the right to be treated with respect no matter the color of our skin, the texture of our hair, what we choose to wear or the size of our waist. We push for the right to openly love whoever and whatever our hearts desire with no backlash. We pushed for voting rights. We pushed to not only smash but kill patriarchy, because our womanhood does not define what we have the ability to do in this world. We push on battlefields fighting for our country. We push through the hallways and down the roads to receive an adequate education so that we may live on this earth and live it to the full. We push through crowds to get to our falling sisters who have been stepped on so many times that they no longer see their true selves in the mirror. We push to not be judged by our religious stance. We are continuing to push past stereotypes that have become the norm around us. If you think this will soon be over, you are wrong. We are not done. We will not stop. Hear us. Stand with us. Do not walk away blindly. For we are the flowers that keep this earth growing and choosing to ignore us only makes life for yourself more difficult. Women are a gift. Hold us close.

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