Let Them Live

I don’t understand how people treat self acceptance. They want you to have it, but once you finally reach that point they start to shame you for it. I mean, there is a difference between self acceptance and arrogance, yes, but I just don’t see why people are so cruel to people. You have no idea what they’ve been through in their life. You don’t know how hard they had to work to learn to love themselves as they are. So if someone wants to post a picture with a cute caption about themselves, let them. Don’t talk down on them just because they aren’t your idea of beautiful or they don’t have the type of body you like and definitely don’t talk down on them for their sexuality. It’s their life so let them live it. Their happiness has nothing to do with you. Believe it or not, but it takes people a lot of courage to accept themselves for who they are. As someone who is straight, it saddens me how horribly others with my same sexuality down people that identify with others. As for myself, I am a female that has had a lot of struggles in my life. I’m still working on accepting myself. I’m still struggling with things. Idk this has no structure whatsoever. Just think twice before you judge people or assume. And if someone has recently learned to accept themselves for who they are, don’t you dare try to bring them back down to square one.

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