A New Chapter

Dear Macedonia Road,
Thank you for allowing me quick access to my family when I needed it. Thank you for being curvy and filled with hills that only 609 born and raised can drive 85 mph on without wrecking. Thank you for the stressful drives to my church that is only 2 minutes away but sometimes felt like forever bc we were running late. Thank you for not letting my sister and crazy cousin fall on their faces when riding their bikes down our massive hill of a driveway. Thank you for the amazing 4th of July cookouts that I grew up on. Thank you for the wide range of lovely animals I got the opportunity to see growing up. (Trust me they are everywhere) Thank you for teaching me to treat everyone like family bc it turns out everyone on the road is in some way. Thank you for being my address since I was two years old. Thank you for the memories. Although you may not be on my mail, you’ll always be in my heart. I love you and everyone/everything that comes with you. I’ll miss you, but, for now, let’s enjoy this last all nighter together before I leave.

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