Back to the Old Days

Do people ever realize how normal texting has become? Do people realize how low our social skills have actually become because of texting? How many fights and how much drama has erupted because of miscommunication through words with no emotion and no body language? I mean, sure, we have emojis but they only do so much. Why don’t people talk anymore? It’s so refreshing when you talk to someone and you can see there face light up when they talk about something they’re passionate about or how much it affects them when a convo gets really deep. There is so much you can learn about a person through body language and eye contact. Even tone of voice. Our generation has lost sight of that and it is truly saddening. So, if you’re reading this, first off thank you and second of all, I challenge you to have an actual face to face, in person conversation with someone. Get to know them and not “what they’re doing”. Find out their views on the world. I promise you, it’s a magical experience.

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